Putting myself out there

If you had told the younger me (or in fact me a year ago) that I’d one day be sat in the middle of a shopping centre creating art for a portrait competition I would never have believed you! The thought would have been petrifying and enough to bring out all my insecurities. However last Sunday that is exactly what I did for Chelmsford Portrait Artist competition and do you know what it was intense and tiring but also not that bad!

There was two sitters and I was assigned the male sitter, we then had 4 hours to work on our portrait – with a few breaks… Ultimately I didn’t win but overall it was a positive experience, it was great to hear people talking positively about my work as well as asking questions or talking about how they like to draw/create too.

This year has been a breakthrough for me, I have felt more confident in my style and I suppose in some way realised I had finally developed one, as well as making improvements in my skill level. It has made me push myself to put myself out there more.

A few months ago I also participated in Art on The Railings in Southend which as it sounds participating artist showcase their work on the railings in a busy part of town, again it was great to hear feedback from people and I also sold two greeting cards with my french bulldog drawing.

What next? Well, I have a range of prints and greeting cards that I will be taking to sell at Chelmsford’s Etsy Made Local Christmas Market on 3rd December and then we shall see for 2018!

Kirsty McGill