There is a quote from lettering artist, Jessica Hische that says ‘The Work You Do While You Procrastinate Is Probably The Work You Should Be Doing For The Rest Of Your Life’.

I doodle a lot, does that count?

Illustration and art for me is something I always come back to. It’s often what I look to for inspiration more so than design work. It’s the instagram accounts I follow. The tutorials and classes I take. The job that makes me slightly jealous. My secret ambition. The practice I come back to even after a full day or weeks work.

When I was a young student I made the ‘smart choice’ and picked design to study. Luckily my course was very interested in designer-makers/image makers/visual communication rather than traditional design tuition, this gave me opportunity to submit nearly or perhaps every piece of coursework as an illustrated solution (whether this was the right solution or not!).

Then on leaving university I was lucky to get a junior design role and it immediately became computer based and utilising stock imagery for efficiency. Having graduated from university in 2010 I have been lucky to work for seven years in the design industry for a wide variety of companies and clients through agency work of different sizes including some high-profile companies such as Jemma Kidd Make Up, AX Paris, Chi Chi, Daisy Knights, Marc B, Hotmess and Elle Sport. Throughout my career so far I have worked across print and web, in the past few years I primarily focus on web design. I’m lucky as I enjoy my job, generally get to work with good people and be creative for a living.

However something inside me never feels complete creatively unless I am also doing regular amounts of art or illustration. Perhaps it is the freedom to put my style on it, perhaps it is generally not having a brief for my own work, perhaps it is putting marks on paper or screen or maybe it is the pure joy in creating something. Since graduating, art and illustration is something I practice in my spare time, sometimes I give up but ultimately I come back to it because I realise I am happier creatively and otherwise for doing it…

Kirsty McGill