Instagram: Beautifully Styled Grids

This year I want to grow my instagram community after starting a fresh account for my creative work last July. The reason I did this is because my account I had been using was a mix of personal posts, food posts and the occasional illustration or design I had done. I knew that this was no way to grow Kirsty Victoria and that my content was too mixed to gain much of a ‘following’.

Here is the strategy that I am trying to stick to so that my grid is beautifully styled and appealing to potential followers.

1) Look for what you like

Look at people doing things similar to you and also look at other successful accounts not within your industry to gain insight of what works and looks good. After finding some accounts that look similar to the types of content I feel would be best to share for Kirsty Victoria I created a collage that I can print and reference to stay on track.

2) Discover and assess what works for other people.

Review the accounts you have gathered that you like and try to see what their posting strategy is:

– you will most likely see a consistent look and feel in their grid
– do they use selfies?
– how do they present what they do eg. most artists will show a mix of work in progress and finished pieces
– what do they share
– how personal do they get
– what are their captions like

3) Be yourself and do your own take on what you have discovered

Your instagram is part of your brand and as with all things branding the point is to show why you are different so there is no point directly copying someone else. Use your research as inspiration, just because you like someones moody photographer doesn’t mean that it will work for your positively branded coaching business. Even more importantly is if you have found someone that has similar style to you is to ensure you put your own take on it – think about why you are different. As much as possible use your colour palette, fonts and image style.

4) Work on your image quality

Unfortunately for me I have often been taking photos in the evening, being impatient and wanting to share the work I have just done – yet indoor, low lighting is not great for taking photos. I’m now trying to take photos in better lighting and use editing to try to achieve a more consistent look. I do think the better your photography, the more likely you are to gain significant followers.

5) Plan your content

I use Preview app which allows you to add your images, plan the captions and reorder the grid in order to plan an instagram posting schedule. I find this really helps me to visualise how my Instagram ‘grid’ is going to look.

Whilst I am not an instagram expert and I certainly don’t have a huge following currently, I know how important portraying the right image across your brand is and these are the strategies I have found other people using. Good luck and see you on Instagram!

Kirsty McGill