Studio Update: October ’18

As Autumn starts to emerge here I by contrast am feeling a desire to retreat, stay cozy at home, reflect, plan and perhaps in some ways nest in ready for the winter. The current thoughts in my mind center around aiming to be ‘sustainable’ in my creative practice, promoting my work, purchases and lifestyle choices. Planning […]

Dreamy new drawing ‘Reach for the Moon’

I was drawn to the reference image that I used as the base of this drawing for her soft expression. Rather than create an exact copy I like to also add my own details such as the moon earring stud which led to me adding some stars, dots and crystals effect under her eyes. It […]

How to make time for creativity – ​Stop making excuses for why you aren’t creating

Over the years I have created a lot of artwork but it’s not always been consistent. When I was younger it was of course very much a hobby, done as and when I felt like it. During college and university my focus was purely on creating coursework I was studying design but I was mostly creating […]

Learning a new skill and having a beginner mindset for oil painting

For awhile I have been almost craving the feel of oil painting again (having only done it perhaps twice before) probably because I have these romantic notions of it feeling like a “real artist” using oil paints. Yet despite this desire and having bought new paint I kept ignoring it due to the uncomfortable feelings […]

Back on YouTube – Fashion / Beauty Illustration iPad Procreate timelapse

There is something in my nature that makes the idea of teaching appeal (adult classes!) and I have toyed with creating an ecourse or workshop. However I’m not there yet and the timing isn’t quite right, but what I would like to do is post more videos of myself creating my work on Instagram and […]

Making smart decisions to invest in what you really need for your business

As a small business owner you will probably be following a number of influential entrepreneurs, signing up to newsletters and joining communities such as facebook groups for other business owners. When you start to immerse yourself in this online world it becomes so easy to feel that you need that one more thing whether it […]

Creative Canva for your social media graphics

I’ll admit when I first heard about Canva I was a little sceptical and not overly impressed… However just recently I decided to give it a go again for creating some image quotes to share on social media which it is ideal for! I think you probably still need to have a bit of any eye for […]

Best of Web Design: 21 Inspiring Beauty Blogs (& Why They Work)

With a blogging niche focussed on aesthetics (beauty) and intense competition to become a well-known blogger, it stands to reason that the design and overall experience for a visitor is likely to affect how you will be perceived. I’ve been scouring the web to find the ‘best of the best’ beauty blogs to share with you […]

Systemize to Optimise your business (+ sneak peek behind the scenes)

If you work with clients, are you clear on exactly what happens and when in your business? Or is it more a case of “ooh I need to send over the contract” “ah okay so I’ve done that, erm what else..” So often it seems that unless you happen to stumble upon or actively seek […]

The Bookshelf: Show Your Work

Show Your Work 10 ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered by Austin Kleon   It’s a small book at just 15cm square and makes an easy read but with a ton of insight packed in to it’s pages. The book is very well designed featuring a mix of imagery and handwritten elements. Although […]

Quick Tip: Easily set up a website “Coming Soon” page

So you’ve had a great idea for a business, can’t wait to start talking about it but you probably need a website right? You’re realistic though and it may take a little while before it’s all ready or you even have time to work on it. For now you could set up a “Coming Soon” […]

New Year, New Site – Planning your website

If one of your goals is a new website for 2015, you’re going to need to start planning it and making decisions from what hosting to use, what content you need and then of course the design and development. An important step of the process in building a new website or re-designing your current site […]

Done is better than perfect

Perfectionism. Procrastination. Fear. Are the enemy of done. Being part of several Facebook groups of entrepreneurs it is common to see comments of people confessing that they are endlessly tweaking their latest product, website design before launch or whatever else they are working on etc. They know that they are trying to get it ‘perfect’ […]

How to give feedback on a design

A few clients just recently have expressed to me concern about providing their feedback on a design or making changes, they worry that they are being ‘picky’ or ‘fussing’. However a key part of any design project is the reiteration process through feedback and it is expected by designers (and should be by clients too). […]

Is fear holding you back from growing your business?

I struggle a lot with letting fear and a lack of confidence or self-doubt hold me back from talking about what I do to people, promoting what I do and so on. This also is a vicious circle because the less I do the more I effectively sink into a feeling of “oh I can’t […]