In the process of decluttering

Stuff. Lots of stuff.

This is what I’m realising that I have as I am getting in to the mindset of preparing for moving into a new house (with all being well during the buying process). The house we are purchasing is significantly smaller than our current rental place and so there is both a need and a desire to reduce the amount that we will be moving with us.

Despite desiring a simple life I seem to find ways to keep it anything but that and this of course does apply to a cluttered house. I find it amazing how regularly I can declutter, these ‘things’ just build up around us if we aren’t careful. Yet once I have decluttered a room, even a bit, it brings a subtle (sometimes dramatic) sense of relief, some breathing room and my mind feels that bit clearer.  My office feels a more pleasant space to work. My bedroom feels calmer. And my kitchen is more appealng to cook in.

Decluttering isn’t just about putting things into storage. I highly recommend questioning whether you really need to hold on to something. It’s good to look at everything that you own as well – just not necessarily all at once – open drawers, cupboards, the garage, the loft and your wardrobe too.

Every time I do this I am reminded of the benefits, for example I have found that stripping back my wardrobe is so much easier to actually find things I want to wear because I have given away the items that weren’t being used but were taking space anyway.

I think minimalism is very inspiring but I’m not quite there and maybe never will be. However I think it really is about filling your space with things that either bring you joy, inspire you or are truly functional. Try to let go of the rest. 

A final word on decluttering is an encouragement to pass on or donate items where they are still in good condition and if not to recycle or dispose of responsibly.