Nth time lucky

Often I find myself with a distinct feeling of thinking that I’m probably not living up to my potential. Or maybe that I should be doing something different and general career anxieties. Along with this introverted internal musings I have the self-awareness to know that I can be prone to low moods, bouts of lower self esteem and overall to have that harsh inner critic whilst being an ambitious procrastinator. I have positive qualities too, I like to think it balances out.

A thought popped into my whirling mind today, I’m laying the groundwork. Maybe you are too, whatever stage of life we are at there is likely still time and the experiences you’ve had to date all count and all build up your knowledge and skills. There is nothing wrong with not being at the top of that ladder you’ve set for yourself yet or squinting through clouds and hoping something good is on the higher rungs. You are headed there. Keep climbing…

On a positive note it’s good to have dreams and goals, to strive for improvement. Even if you currently lack direction, it means something to believe there is more for you to give, to do. Maybe like me you keep trying things and they fail, or fail to even launch – there is merit to trying, there are insights and learning experiences from the trying.

It’s going to be okay. I’m telling myself and you.