Do you have a contingency plan?

Because I didn’t. Just when things had been going well, I let it all come to a crashing halt, okay not for a huge amount of time but enough to make a difference. Some momentum had been starting to build and I’d just set up a new service to convert sites to responsive Modernized & Responsivized – yep, that service I haven’t mentioned at all because of the crashing halt thing.

For me a personal difficulty came up and my mind just wasn’t in the right place for social media, blogging, pitching for new business, anything that was doing more than I had to get done essentially. Even worse, I’d been a bit quiet on this front in the lead up because I was busy. The thing is if I’d had some sort of ‘break in case of emergency’ plan in place things would’ve kept going smoothly…

This has really got me thinking about what happens in future if for whatever reason I can’t work or need to take some personal time away from my business for awhile, perhaps even longer than my hiatus.

If you are your business or you run a small business, what happens in an emergency? What is your contingency plan? What if you are ill for a few weeks?

A few things come to mind for me, but it’s really worth thinking about what you have in place or could put in place if you needed to. Of course there really is a range of reasons as to why you might need this and it might range from minor to major, short-term to longer term and whether you will be working a bit or unable to, so the solution may vary depending.

1. Pre-scheduled blog posts for a few weeks ahead, or some blog posts pre-written stored as a back-up
2. Utilising a service such as Buffer or MeetEdgar to keep things being posted to social media
3. Maybe even a VA that can be contacted if needed to do admin, keep up communications and potentially a whole lot of other tasks
4. A contact within your industry that you trust who could step in to undertake your work in the short-term
5. Money saved up in case your income drops
6. Perhaps some insurance would be worth it
7. Instructions left for someone to actually delegate out the above if you are unable to work at all for awhile
8. A secure way for people to access your files etc
9. A source or several of passive income stream (the holy grail of online business?)

It’s not pleasant to think about however it could really make the difference between being able to take the time out that you need for whatever reason knowing that it is covered or adding to your stress trying to do business whilst struggling. And also the difference between coming back to a business that is bobbing along nicely or one that is sinking rapidly.

Do you have any ideas for things that I’ve missed? I’d love to hear them in the comments šŸ™‚