Do you want feedback or a pat on the back?

I’m really not one for ‘straight-talking’ post titles but I liked how this sounded šŸ˜‰

I see you, yes you, asking in forums, facebook groups and online communities for feedback on X, Y or Z. If I think I can offer some advice I probably will and it is always honest. Sometimes though I suspect that you didn’t really want my honest advice. Maybe you think this is an under-the-radar promo strategy or maybe you are just really pleased with what you’ve achieved so want to show it off. Ultimately it will be best if you just say what you actually mean so here is some roughly worded suggestions:

If what you really mean is… Look at what I’ve just done
Then say this… I’m so pleased to have finally finished X, here is what I learnt X

If what you really mean is…I need people to buy/sign-up
Then say this… (only when it’s appropriate to promote) My new X is perfect for X

If what you really mean is…I say I want feedback but I’m not sure I can handle the truth
Then say this… I’ve been working on X, I’d like some (gentle) feedback

If what you really mean is…Can you take a look at what I’ve done and give me some honest feedback
Then say this… I want to improve my X as much as possible, I’d love some honest feedback, good or bad!

And if you really want some honest advice on your website then I would be happy to provide it, I offer a free homepage review or for a more in-depth review of your whole site with advice plus some new graphics then my Makeover Kit could be just what you need!