Website Evolution

In the spirit of my new service Website Makeover Kit, I thought it’d be fun to take a trip down memory lane of my own website. So it turns out I pretty much change my site yearly, but in my opinion each time there has been a clear progress each time and also the purpose has changed. With each evolution I’ve changed my ‘logo’ and website design, generally the colours have remained the same for a few years now! I also find it funny how my blog was so random and much more personal than it is now.

2010 – 2011

Oh my! This was my first site I built just after graduating, using Indexhibit and it was also when I began to use CSS to tweak the template. It was more a showcase and playground than anything.


Switched to WordPress, designed and coded my first theme. I started to blog, but without really having a clue what I should write about so it would be anything from design to food to diy projects!
kirstydesigns   graphic designer   surrey (1)


Honestly I’m not quite sure what I was thinking slicing up my logo like this, but as you can see it did set the colour palette for my current logo. The colour palette of the site as a whole does looks very dull now though! web 20130815024420 http

late 2013 – early 2014

I think this was a customised premium theme because I wanted to quickly update my site and convert it to be responsive.


I finally took the time to properly think about my logo, branding and site design. It also started to evolve from being a portfolio site to having a focus of my freelance services. I created a completely custom theme for this one.
Freelance Web Designer   Graphic Designer in Essex


Having worked with a copywriter I needed to adapt my website to incorporate the brilliant new copy. From this I was also ready to more confidently state and use visuals to appeal to my ideal clients.

As you can see I’ve never been afraid to change things up and refine my branding (okay and I enjoy it too much!). I think it is so important for your site to reflect your business as it is presently and particularly if you are a solo entrepreneur then to reflect yourself as well. So if your website hasn’t changed in years, perhaps it is time to look at a re-design!

If you want to take a peek back at your website or maybe even someone else’s like your business idol or a big brand, try The Wayback Machine – it can be really interesting!

What do you think you will be changing on your site this year?