Creative Canva for your social media graphics


I’ll admit when I first heard about Canva I was a little sceptical and not overly impressed… However just recently I decided to give it a go again for creating some image quotes to share on social media which it is ideal for! I think you probably still need to have a bit of any eye for design to get the best results. Because it is good to adapt the templates you use and upload your own imagery, so that it creates a more original look, see below for some examples of how I changed the template base I started from plus more here. The weird thing for me is I feel like I cheated and couldn’t claim that I ‘designed’ them as such – but I will be continuing to use to create fun, relatively quick graphics for social media.

It’s pretty much drag and drop so very easy to use for anyone, whereas Photoshop has a much bigger learner curve. I’m going to run through a basic tutorial to get you started, but the Canva Design School goes more into depth.

people will stare



1. Choose a quote that you would like to create a graphic for.

2. You can look at the Canva templates for inspiration – what one ‘fits’ with your quote?

3. Find a suitable photo or pattern for the background – I went to and found this one from that I felt matched the mood as looking out to water seemed peaceful and reflective.

4. Upload your photo and then drag onto the canvas (or is it Canva in this instance?)

5. Resize your image by dragging at the corners, play around with the scale and cropping

6. Set the text in position

7. Add extra text if needed from the Text tab

PRO TIP – Adjust the line height (this is one thing I always notice when someone has DIY’d their design either too bigger gap between lines or crammed in tight, but it’s such an easy fix). In particular this makes a difference with larger amounts of text because then it becomes an issue with legibility.

8. Refine the design – use an objective eye to adjust sizes, colours, elements and consider balance within the design

Sometimes this means rethinking bits, for example when I added the name of the person who said this quote I realised there was too much going on – so I scrapped the #fashionquote and made this the credit (don’t be afraid to delete – or even rejig everything entirely!)


9. Yay – Download your finished design!

Share the link to your Canva creations below!