Best of Web Design: 21 Inspiring Beauty Blogs (& Why They Work)

With a blogging niche focussed on aesthetics (beauty) and intense competition to become a well-known blogger, it stands to reason that the design and overall experience for a visitor is likely to affect how you will be perceived. I’ve been scouring the web to find the ‘best of the best’ beauty blogs to share with you some design inspiration and pointers on what works.

Field Notes

Judging Criteria
The best designed blogs had…

  • Fabulous header design
  • Clear navigation
  • Good legibility
  • Personality/Something special
  • Easy on the eye layouts
  • Consistent imagery
  • Editorial feel
The worst designed blogs had…

  • Many ‘trendy’ sites have teeny, tiny writing which is very hard to read! Bloggers take note, people need to be able to read your blog (easily)
  • There was a tendency for very similar looking blogs, one pleasure with having a lifestyle blog is showcasing your own personality and tastes so even if you are using a theme customise it
  • Default favicons such as Blogger
  • Visual overwhelm whether this is lots of thumbnail links on the landing page, cluttered sidebars, too many different colours

21 Inspiring & Beautiful Beauty Blogs

In no particular order…

A Yellow Brick Road

  • Think the header is very cute and unique
  • Love the subtle scalloped detail around the main container


 Amy Elizabeth

  • A great illustrated header
  • Clear modern navigation
  • Good font pairings: serif fancy and modern sans-serif



  • Premium editorial feel
  • Post snippets with featured image are a nice way to navigate to posts you are interested in when blogs have a lot of content
  • Subtle background patterns adds visual interest




  • Cool and modern aesthetic with bold black and white
  • Makes use of conventional menu to navigate the various blog categories


Essie Button

  • Such a fun and playful design is created with a unique coloured sprinkle background
  • The whimsical illustrated header is the perfect match as well as the handwritten-style typeface



Fashion Mumblr

  • I love how the meta data is displayed for each blog post
  • A clean and modern site
  • Great use of displaying the most popular posts right at the top of the page




From Roses

  • The use of soft greys and pinks creates a pretty feminine look that isn’t overly girly (although the pink is maybe a tad too light)
  • Light consistent imagery presents an overall polished blog



Ghost Parties

  • White space, big bold imagery creates a cool looking blog
  • The serif font adds a slightly more feminine touch



Hello October

  • Clean, modern and minimal which looks so fresh
  • The bright quality images enhance the blog


Into The Gloss

  • Well designed image overlays and graphics to create an editorial feel
  • The red splash of nail polish draws your eye down to the menu and content



Merry Musing

  • Neatly presented blog title and meta data
  • Smart and clean sidebar for navigation
  • The header slightly lets the overall look down as it is quite bland, compared to the nice image overlays featured in the post



Michelle Phan

  • The image slider featuring blog posts is good to draw attention to certain posts
  • Although there is lots of white space and minimal colour the lilac hint works well


Miss Makeup Magpie

  • The header image is lovely and so girly, the only downside is navigation isn’t as easy due to the layout
  • Clearly featured social sharing



Tales of a Pale Face

  • The choice of peachy skin tone works very well for the blog name
  • Organised menu and sidebar mean everything is easy to navigate


The Beauty Department

  • Fabulously representative header image with unique slanted menu
  • I love the ‘tape’ tab that says which category the post is in
  • One downside is that it is not responsive




  • This site shows off some personality straight away with it’s dinosaur header – not what you’d expect for a beauty blog!
  • Would love to see a bit more of that gorgeous emerald green used throughout
  • Smart layout and clear ‘read more’ buttonThe-Nailasaurus---UK-Nail-Art-Blog


Today I Adore

  • I’m not a fan of the header as it’s a little heavy, the font size is quite small and the vertical lines mean you aren’t quite sure what to look at – I think it would work better if there is was a clear distinction between navigation and social media links. The Today I Adore would look great slightly larger and possibly aligned to the left over the content.
  • However eveything else looks great on the site – from how the date is presented to the sidebar



  • The design of this sight creates a lovely, soft, pretty effect by using pale watercolour splashes
  • Easy to see and use navigation


Vivianna Does Make Up

  • The V of the logo is so striking and grabs your attention instantly
  • Simple black and white design creates a consistent over all look


 What is your favourite blog design? Have I missed a stunning example of beauty blog design, let me know in the comments?