Quick Tip: Easily set up a website “Coming Soon” page

So you’ve had a great idea for a business, can’t wait to start talking about it but you probably need a website right? You’re realistic though and it may take a little while before it’s all ready or you even have time to work on it. For now you could set up a “Coming Soon” page to direct interested people too.

It’s easy as pie*.

Well by using the Easy Pie Coming Soon Page plugin. With this running you will be able to collect visitors email addresses even before your site launches.
* Apparently that phrase actually refers to eating pie!

Here is an example I’ve set up:

Step 1 – Purchase hosting and a domain name

A lot of hosting companies offer deals where if you purchase hosting they will include the domain name for free, so to keep things simple this option is great.

(skip this bit)

Step 2 – Installing WordPress (the super easy way)

1. Most modern hosting will allow you to easily install WordPress by using Softaculous, for example in SiteGround you will see it on the dashboard after login.

2. Choose WordPress from the options

3. It’s then as easy as inputting a few details and clicking a button.

Step 3 – Add a plugin to your WordPress installation

1. First you will need to login to your site this is the domain name you purchased followed by wp-login.php eg. www.example.com/wp-login.php

2. Then find Plugins in the sidebar menu and click add new

3. Use the Search to find Coming Soon Page by Bob Riley

4. Once you have installed and activated the plugin you will see it the options in your sidebar menu.

5. First go to Settings and ensure that it is switched on and you are collecting subscriber details if you wish


6. Then in the menu go to Template. Under the Display there are various different options for customising – I recommend choosing one of your own image or a quality stock photo to use as the background to make it more tailored to the site. Then go to Content and type in any text you would like it to include to personalise the wording further.


Step 3 – Collect Subscribers

Once this page has been up for awhile and if you’ve been actively promoting it then you will have gathered some subscribers that you might want to email. You can find details of the subscribers here:


The downside is that you will have to manually add it to an email marketing service as described in their article, so be sure to check back during the duration that your Coming Soon page is up. If you are looking for an email marketing service I really like MailChimp as it is very easy to use and you will be able to find instructions on their site so you can easily add your new subscribers.

Website ready?

Remove the Coming Soon page by going into your Settings and turning off. Yay!

Easy as pie?
Don’t let not having a website ready yet hold you back! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions.