Done is better than perfect

Perfectionism. Procrastination. Fear. Are the enemy of done.


Being part of several Facebook groups of entrepreneurs it is common to see comments of people confessing that they are endlessly tweaking their latest product, website design before launch or whatever else they are working on etc. They know that they are trying to get it ‘perfect’ and in doing so are procrastinating on launching.

Especially if you are a creative business I think it can be hard to call something done because how you feel about it is the measure of when it is ready rather than a checklist of tasks or a specific goal being achieved.

Particularly in the case of digital products it is better to start getting feedback from people actually using it or doing your course and then update it for future or look to continually improve. In this example perhaps you could get a small beta group to trial it and let you know their thoughts so you have concrete feedback to improve upon the most important, then launch it for real!

Similarly I would suggest a website can’t be considered done upon live it is much better to evolve over time. It is only when a site is live that you can analyse how your visitors use their site to see if they are flowing through the site in the way you want and taking the action you want them to. Waiting on your website before you start talking about your website? Why not put a coming soon page up, have some teasers of what it will be and start capturing email addresses of people interested.

Now by no way does this mean that you should cut corners or put out poor quality work, “Done is better than perfect” is simply a reminder that your work is of more help to others if it is done well, than not perfect so it never is released. Get feedback, get expert help if needed and get it done!

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