Is fear holding you back from growing your business?

I struggle a lot with letting fear and a lack of confidence or self-doubt hold me back from talking about what I do to people, promoting what I do and so on. This also is a vicious circle because the less I do the more I effectively sink into a feeling of “oh I can’t do that it’s scary” and also feel bad about myself for not doing things I know I need to do. If you are thinking of going freelance or starting a small business, a lot of advice covers the practical steps and I’ve not seen too much on how personal it is, even the most confident person may find they have stumbling blocks or aspects that they struggle with feeling not so confident.

Whether in your personal or business life, it’s important to take action however hard it may be or however prone you are to procrastination (definitely talking about myself again here) and actually procrastination often is a symptom of fear. I read a lot of advice online and then store it in my head not taking action on it, hmm turns out just reading advice doesn’t actually improve anything. Even this post I’ve been putting off writing, because urgh what if you judge me but firstly I’m making an assumption that you would yet I’m sure your lovely and secondly we can’t expect everyone to like us (and we shouldn’t care that they don’t). So I am setting you the first in a series of challenges, to get working towards the business that you really want in tiny little action steps with an emphasis on just getting it done, today.


Business Challenge #1

Choose one thing (or up to 3 if you are really going for it – anymore and you probably won’t really do it) that fear has been holding you back from, that you are really going to commit to doing.

1. Make yourself accountable to actually doing whatever you have chosen. This could be publicly on a blog or social media, or to someone who will be checking in with you and making sure that you completed it.
2. You could set a fine or penalty if you don’t complete your challenge, choosing something that will really motivate you. There are a few websites that can help you do this and This would work well paired with an accountability partner.
3. Buddy up with someone and both commit to doing the challenge.
4. Take a deep breath, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Yes you feel uncomfortable, I really do get it, but once you’ve done it whatever the outcome I’m sure you will feel so proud of yourself for actually doing it.

Let me know how you get on or if you are stuck and need a supportive push to completing the challenge.

What am I going to do? Oh yes, it wouldn’t be fair if I let you do this and did nothing myself!
1. Send out my first ever newsletter. Maybe this is something you have struggled with yourself, I’ve had that feeling of I don’t know what to send, what if everyone unsubscribes and if I start I will have to keep coming up with useful content! Well I’m going to start with this challenge and see where I go from there.
2. Record a video of myself talking about what I do. As I mentioned at the start of this post I find it so hard to talk about what I do and I’ve never recorded a video of myself either (two birds, one stone). I’ve always been quite shy so this is definitely a challenge for me. I promise to at the very least post it on YouTube and link to it here – if it doesn’t come out too badly I may use it on my about page.

If you’d like to take part in the next challenge, sign up to my newsletter below and you will receive notifications to my latest blog posts including the challenges. They will be a mixing of things primarily based on what I know I need to do to improve my business but put off and I imagine you probably do to, so let’s tackle this together! If you want to put forward any suggestions that would be great and I will credit you for it.